New Members

Guidance Notes C – New Members’ Induction and Appointment

A prospective member should be greeted by the Chairman and introduced to the choir as such on his first visit. If he returns for a second rehearsal and indicates that he wishes to join the choir, he should be assessed by the Musical Director (MD) before or after rehearsal.

The MD should then advise him to which section of the choir his voice would be most suited and should then appoint a choir member from that section to mentor the newcomer during his early weeks or months. There will be a 8-week induction period, at the beginning of which he should be handed an application form by the Hon. Secretary (Hon. Sec.).  

The Hon. Sec. should draw the attention of the new member to the relevant pages of the website or, if he does not have internet access or printer, should print him a copy of the Constitution.  He should then ask:

The Hon. Librarian to issue the new member with the necessary sheet music.

The Hon. Treasurer to advise the new member in the matter of fees and other Choir financial matters.

The Website Coordinator to place the new member’s contact details, apart from his address, on the website’s “Members’ Directory” page.”

The new member’s address will be retained separately by the Hon. Secretary as required by the Constitution.

On being informed by the member’s section rep that the member has attended no fewer than 8 rehearsals, the Chairman will make arrangements for him to be issued with his uniform.  If, after the 8-week induction period, the MD/AMD and mentor consider that the person’s voice is NOT of a sufficiently high standard, they should so inform the Chairman, who will express the choir’s regrets to the person as soon as is possible. The length of the induction period may be varied at the discretion of the Chairman in consultation with the MD and the member’s Section Representative and mentor.