Committee Meetings 2023

Committee Meeting Notes 7th November 2023

Present – Nigel Clarke (chairman) Terry Lynn ( secretary), Philip MacMullen (Treasurer), John Faulkner, Jullian Music.

Apologies for Absence – Dave Williamson, Andy Parks

Notes of minutes of the last committee meeting and matters arising.

In the section reports a few members ask if we could have more soloists. Liz did ask but little response. Ask again. Requests were made to bring back “Bring him Home” and “The Hallelujah Chorus” Ask the music committee.- 50 club is now up and running thanks to Barry. Send a letter to possible Sponsors. Letters gone out. To create leaflets and posters to give out by members- Ongoing. It was also suggested we purchase a new Microphone and PA system.Phill to look into for the East Riding Grant application.

Chairman’s Report

Since taking over I’ve had a few teething problems (not organising the refreshments at a concert in TG), but hopefully I’m getting to grips with the job.
We’ve had a few new members join us – Simon (1st tenor) Harold (2nd tenor), and John Upson (bass).

We’ve had a few concerts over the summer – August 26th in Toll Gavel, 1st September in Hornsea, and 6th October In Beverley Minster. All were warmly received, with the audiences being impressed with our singing.
We’ve a very busy Christmas schedule starting with the Beverley Lions concert on November 19th, a semi-Christmas music concert in Whitgift on 25th, then fully Christmas concerts in Skipsea on 8th December, Festival of Christmas on 10th, Brough Golf club on 15th, The Masons, Hull on 16th, and Prelude to Christmas 17th.
We’ve also singing in pubs in the Barrel in Walkington on the 9th December, Goodmanham Arms 13th, and Dog and Duck, Beverley 18th.
Barry Gibson has successfully launched the 50 club – now with 65 members. Thank you Barry. I look forward to a successful 2024, we just need a few concerts booked.

Treasurer’s Report

First I should record my thanks to Albert Newbery for stepping in recently, and again soon, whilst I recover from surgery.

Opening balance 01.07.2023        £6459

Outstanding Sheet music purchase    –£432

Gift Aid claim   ~£4,000

Income & expenditure to date – approx.

Members subs  +£5000
Performances inc raffles, coffee mornings  +£1170

60 Club subs  +£1488
Donations – inc Marathon  +£446
Patrons  +£70

Attendance costs   -£3450

Rent   -£1610

Current balance   £10,266


  1. Our main liabilities to year end (30.06.24) are rent (~£1920) & attendance payments (~£3680) plus Club payouts (£500) = £6100

  2. Net concert income will likely be ~£2000 by New Year – no idea what next year’s programme might look like.

  3. Letters have gone to 2 potential sponsors so far, more will be sent over the coming months

  4. Grant applications to Beverley Town Council and ERYC will need to be in by March 2024 for financial year 24/25. I’m happy to do the applications but we need to look at the funding criteria for next year and come up with some ideas.

Patrons Report

Jullian reported that there are now only 26 Patrons on the list and out of them only a few have paid. So it was agreed that we stop promoting for patrons and only keep those who have paid.

Secretary’s report

Sorry I have been out of action these last few weeks due to operations etc. I will still be out a little longer waiting for results.  We only had three concerts since Christmas. These were our own in August at the Toll Gavel Church, the Hornsea concert and at the Beverley Minster.  All were successful.

Section Reports

There were no reports but it was suggested that the section reps to look at the attendance sheet and those not present in their section are contacted to see why they are not attending

New and Resigned members.

New – Simon Griffiths, Harold Bentham, David Barton,  No resignations.

Forthcoming Events

Sunday November 19th @ 2.15pm: Beverley Lion’s concert, Beverley Memorial Hall

Saturday November 25th @ 7.30pm: Concert at Whitgift Church for Rona Dickenson. Followed by pie & pea supper (free)

Saturday 9th December @ 7.30pm: Carols at The Barrel, Walkington

Sunday December 10th @ 2pm: Beverley Festival of Christmas

Wednesday 13th December @ 7.30pm: Carols at The Goodmanham Arms, Goodmanham

Friday December 15th @ 7.30pm: Brough Golf Club

Saturday December 16th @ 7.00pm: Hull Beverley Road Masons

Sunday December 17th @ 2.15pm: Prelude to Christmas

Monday December 18th @ 7.30pm: Carols with Pie and Peas at The Dog and Duck, Beverley

Coffee mornings at Toll Gavel – March 23rd , July 13th 2024.

Music Programme

New Music – Million Dreams, Forever Autumn, a Queen song, Cantique de Jean Racine, Hallelujah Chorus.


A discussion took place on the importance that our website needs up-dating. Albert Newbery has volunteered, with a team, to look into and find a new domain within the next 12 months.  Nigel to discuss with him.

A discussion took place regarding Liz’s and Amy’s salaries. It was decided to increase both by £5 per session.

Next meeting March 26th 2024.

Committee meeting notes, 29th June 2023, 3pm

Present: Nick Hart (Chairman)(NH), Terry Lynn (Secretary)(TL), Philip MacMullen(Treasurer)(PM), Julian Musik (JM), Barry Gibson(BG)

Apologies for Absence – David Williamson, Andrew Parks

Notes of minutes of Last committee meeting and Matters arising
It was agreed that our website needs up-dating. Bernard Norris to look into it.

Chairman’s Report

Following our last meeting we had some new recruits and had some more engagements that were a great success in adding to our profits.We are hoping to do another concert at the Toll Gavel in August and a Lions concert in Hornsea in September. The AGM is planned for the 31st July. I will not be sitting for re-election as Chairman but Nigel has agreed to step in as Chairman. John Faulkner has agreed to be Vice-Chairman. I cannot claim the success of the choir as it has been down to the hard work of the Secretary, Treasurer, the Music Group and committee members.

Treasurer’s report

Last year’s equivalent meeting was on 21 st July. Because of this and other commitments I haven’t yet prepared the full accounts to submit for auditing. These notes give a prediction of the outturn at the end of this financial year (ending 30 th June 2023) and our current status longer-term. Figures are rounded to nearest £.
Opening balance 01.07.2022 £5398
Balance at 28.06.2023 £6459
Liabilities: TGUC rent for June £240
Likely outturn figure in accounts £6219
Outstanding Sheet music purchase £432
Gift Aid claim £4000

Estimated status £9787


1. Figures in red are minus amounts,
2. outturn for 22/23 is ~£500 above that for 21/22 and previous predictions earlier this year,
3. grant income is ‘cost-neutral’ – we only claim what we spend – so we are doing really well on income from concerts. We have turned around what was potentially a very challenging situation of costs being significantly higher than income,
4. we currently have 3 years’ of Gift Aid, about £4000, to reclaim from HMRC. I apologise that other commitments have precluded me from claiming it thus far. It is a priority action for the next few months,
5. our current annual level of (so far unclaimed) Gift Aid is ~ £1500 which is a very useful buffer against fluctuating income and fixed costs,
6. members have worked hard and performed well to earn the performance income that has given us these positive figures.

PHM 28.06.23

Patrons Report.

JM stated that numbers have been dwindling and we now only have 25 Patrons. Not all have paid.

Secretary’s Report

Very little to report but to say thanks to all that took part in making the last concerts a great success. Namely Prelude to Christmas, Brough Golf Club, Cherry Burton, Wedding at York, Joint Concert with Humberside Police Band, Snaith Priory Willerby and Joint concert with the Gentlemen Singers. We need more concerts to keep our funds healthy and give us something to work for.

Section Reports

A few members have commented on the number of soloists and requested why we do not have more.
One member suggested we purchase a new Microphone speaker for when we announce songs at other venues.

Request from members to bring back “Bring him Home”, ” The Hallelujah Chorus”

New Members

John Chapman, David Parsons, Ray Parsons, Richard West, Paul Windsor, Steve Watts has returned.
We had more but did not stay.

Resignations – Ken Doran, to be made an honorary member.

Forthcoming Events

Sat 29th July – Coffee morning
Sat 26th Aug – Toll Gavel
Fri 1st Sept – Hornsea concert
Fri 6th Oct – Beverley Minster
Sun 19th Nov- Beverley Lions
Sun 10th Dec – Festival Christmas

Fri 15th Dec – Brough Golf Club

Sun 17th Dec Prelude to Christmas.

Plus Pubs


Discussion took place on starting a 50 Club to bring in extra funds. BG and PM will explain to the members at the AGM to see if they are interested.

A discussion took place regarding charges. It was agreed that we now charge £300 for all concerts.

It was agreed we need to do more advertising to get more members and concerts. It was suggested that we create a new poster for members to give out to Churches Clubs and Halls ect.

A discussion took place regarding Sponsors as we used to have in the past. It was suggested that a standard letter be sent to local companies, hotels etc to ask if they would be a sponsor. We will add their company to our website and any advertising campaign when arranging concerts.

We will ask the section reps to be more disciplined and active to ensure their section members are happy or need help.

Next meeting – TBA.