Kidderminster tour August 2024

Update of the Severn Valley Railway Male Voice Choir event.
This will be the first event of its kind on SVR. It will celebrate the 120th Anniversary of KMC and 40th Anniversary of SVR.
The plan is to have 4 venues for choirs to sing, Kidderminster Station, Bewdley Station, Highley Engine House and Bridgnorth Station. Each train will also have a clear carriage for choirs to sing in transit if they so desire.
The day will begin at 10 am with trains from Kidderminster and Bridgnorth. A full time table for the day will be available. Each choir will be given times and locations where they will sing during the day. All choirs will converge on Kidderminster where the massed event will be held. Those unable to attend the afterglow, there will be a train from Kiddrminster to Bridgnorth, and all stations, at the end of the concert. The afterglow is in the station pub The King and Castle and Valley Suite.
All choristers will be issued with a wrist band, which must be worn. This ensures your free travel on SVR. Each choir will be given a discount code which will give discounts of 33% to supporters when booking. The cost before discount is £25 if purchased before 3 days of the event, £28.50 less than 3 days, £32 on the day.
Choristers arriving by coach and car will be given free parking. All SVR car parks are ANPR controlled. You will be able to send vehicle registration numbers to Failure to do this will result in automatic fines.
The concert is a separate event to the day time and tickets are £8. there will be a discount for choir supporters. It is anticipated that the audience for the concert will be different to the daytime audience.
Copies to
Beverley MVC
Blackpool MVC
Bridgnorth MVC
Castleford MVC
Gentlemen Songsters
Hadley and District Orpheus MV
Torbay Police and Community Choir.
Lewis Maddox SVR
Keith Walton
Vice Chairman KMC