Kidderminster tour August 2024

Choir Event Severn Valley Railway Saturday 17th  and Sunday 18th August 2024
This will be the first event of its kind on SVR. It will celebrate the 120th Anniversary of KMC and 40th Anniversary of SVR.
The plan is to have 4 venues for choirs to sing, Kidderminster Station, Bewdley Station, Highley Engine House and Bridgnorth Station. Each train will also have a clear carriage for choirs to sing in transit if they so desire. Trains will start running at 10am from Kidderminster and 1030 am from Bridgnorth. The travel time for the line is 1 hour 20 minutes.
There will be a massed choir event at Kidderminster Station 7.30pm to 9.30 pm Saturday 17th There will be a train running back to Bridgnorth at the conclusion of the concert.
There will be an afterglow in The Valley Suite at Kidderminster.
KMC will provide electric pianos at the venues, and staging for the massed concert. All other logistics are in the hands of SVR.
Each choir will have a slot to sing at the massed event, all choirs joining in the finale. KMC musical director David Barclay is in charge of this, to that end can you all send email addresses for contact with your MD’s. 
All choristers will have free travel, supporters with choirs will be given a 33% discount. Each choir will be given a discount code and you will be able to book your own choirs tickets. Supporters do not have to stay with the choir they can take full opportunity to travel the line. Hot and cold food is available, alcoholic drinks at Kidderminster, Highley and Bridgnorth!
The audience at the massed choir event will be £5 per person. Choirs will have a ‘green room’ for changing ( a carriage on platform one)
We need to confirm numbers in your choirs and numbers of supporters and what days you will attend.
This is the first draft , things may change.
List of choirs committing to the event to date.
Blackpool MVC
Bridgnorth MVC
Castleford MVC
Gentlemen Songsters
Hadley and District Orpheus MVC