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Monday 19th July Zoom meeting.


Meeting ID: 365 824 3877
Passcode: 201208



This Year’s AGM will be held at Toll Gavel Church on 26th July 2021 at 7:00pm.  The Agenda and other documents can be found here: AGM docs



Derek Rigby

It is with great regret that we have to pass on news of the death of Derek Rigby, a Life Member of Blackpool Male Voice Choir.
Derek was a very special gentleman, who following his move to Lytham, to be nearer his family, always kept in touch with us!
Derek retired from active duty with BMVC over ten years ago but maintained a passionate interest in our activities through his ongoing friendship with long-serving member Rhodes Holmes.  He even managed to join in on our 2020 Christmas Zoom get-together.
Derek joined Blackpool MVC from Beverley MVC and was instrumental in bringing about a hugely successful joint concert in Blackpool.
Music played a major part in Derek’s life and he spent countless hours on his electronic organ creating tracks which he combined to form fantastic versions of popular songs.
He often used to play before a concert started, and then again during the interval.
Our thoughts are with Derek’s family. The funeral is to be held at Carleton Crematorium on 16 July at 1230.
Rest in peace Derek.

Selective Rehearsal

Your Committee decided at the last meeting that, as we hopefully approach an end to the pandemic, it would be sensible to ask Liz to nominate two or three songs a week for your special attention.  It was felt that this would help, in addition to the Monday Zoom meetings, to have us all to a limited extent “singing from the same song sheet.”

Liz agreed and has nominated  songs from the current repertoire as follows:

Week commencing 5 July:

We rise again
Someone Like You
Tell My Father
Please also see there’s music in the Current Repertoire rehearsal folders for “We Rise Again”
In addition to Zoom meetings, this page will also be maintained during the Covid crisis to enable members to share items of interest, whether helpful or humorous, or both.   Please submit offerings to:


Your name will be listed next to your contribution unless you request otherwise. 

For any who don’t realise it, you can move videos to full screen by clicking on the square in bottom right-hand corner.

You can also enlarge pictures/cartoons by clicking on them.

This from Kate and Nick Andrews.  Decided to move it to the top – cheers you up if you play it every few days.  Other items will be added and removed as thought appropriate.  This will remain until crisis-end.  It might be regarded as the BMVC Covid anthem!


Note message from Liz on the “Current Repertoire” page:

Members might like to let me know when they get the call.  Useful to others to know how the programme is progressing within the choir.  Also might well be useful in eventually deciding when we can return to rehearsals. When you get the call, drop me an email with the details below,
and I’ll place the news on this page. 
  Name     Section  Jabs
Liz Wilson MD Both
Amy Butler MA Both
Ian Christie T1 Both
Dave Williamson T1 Both
Mark Nicholson T1 Both
Tom Danter T1 Both
John Toes T1 Both
Malcolm Mathias T1 Both
Chris Szafran T1 Both
Ian Metcalfe T1 Both
Ray Burrell T1 Both
Hugh Walton T1 Both
David Wilmot T2 Both
Terry Lynn T2 Both
Mel Watson T2 Both
David Thornton T2 Both
Peter Stevens T2 Both
Korky T2 Both
Wilf Cooper T2 Both
Jon Capel T2 Both
Paul Sears T2 Both
Richard Carter T2 Both
Glyn Cohen T2 Both
Steve Watts T2 1st
Graham Bate T2 Both
Alan Speed  T2 Both
Ken Doran B1 Both
Albert Newbery B1 Both
Charles Laing B1 Both
Malcolm Whitfield B1 Both
Mark Williams B1 1st
Bob Watson B1 Both
Bill Webster B1 Both
Nick Andrews B1 Both
Graham Beal B1 Both
Phil MacMullen B1 Both
Bill Wilcox B1 Both
Bernard Norris B1 Both
Julian Musik B1 Both
Nigel Clarke B1 Both
Barry Gibson B1 Both
Luke Goulder B1 Both
John Mather B1 Both
Alan Lee B2 Both
Steve Horner B2 Both
Peter Goonan B2 Both
Dave Rutter B2 Both
David Cross B2 Both
Nick Hart B2 Both
Malcolm Sparks B2 Both
Mike Offen B2 Both
Tom Walker B2 Both
Andrew Smith B2 Both
John Sharp B2 Both

T1 – 8         T2 – 14         B1 – 17         B2 – 11         Total – 47        MD     AMD     MA


A Ray of sunshine among the Covid Gloom

We hear that Amy Butler and Steve Goulden just got engaged.  Perfect harmony!

We are sure that the members are delighted and wish them all the very best for their future together.

Previous rehearsal songs:

Week commencing 21 June:

We rise again
Gaelic Blessing
Stand by me

Week commencing 7 June:

Dirait On
Sing Rhondda
Stand by me

Week commencing 24 May:

Exodus Song
You’ll never walk alone
Stand by me

Week commencing 17 May:

Every time I feel the spirit
Sing Rhondda
Stand by me

Week commencing 10 May:

Drunken Sailor
St Clements

Week commencing 26 Apr:

Cantique de Jean Racine
We’ll gather lilacs

Week commencing 19 Apr:

Someone like you

Gaelic Blessing (Garlic Dressing)

You’re a lady.

A reminder – words and MP3 recordings of all of these can be found in the members’ section of the website at the bottom of the “Current Repertoire” page.

Members will probably feel the need to go straight to these songs and give them a blitz, then revisit several times so as to be reasonably competent in them before the new nominations next week!

BMVC Musical Accompanists

Don’t forget that Amy is now on a separate page called, erm, “Amy’s Page”, and that you can go over there and listen to what she has to say and play. 

Remember also that you can send her a request if there is a favourite you would like to hear from her.  I had an email exchange the other day with  Pat Cave, the quiet lady, who wishes the Choir all the very best and says how much she enjoys listening to Amy. 

If anyone ever wanted to make a movie of  our Pat’s life, and why might they not, they would need to find someone to play the young Pat.  They’d look for an extremely talented pianist for whom nothing is too much trouble as well as someone equally quiet and unjustifiably modest.  Hmm, wonder who they’d choose. 

Never forgetting Dorothy, Emily, Sue and Leonie, what a lucky choir we have been for pianists over the years.

For those who have not heard Pat play, here she is accompanying the choir, on our 50th anniversary, in “Plaisir d’amour”

And here’s another BMVC Golden Oldie for those who like that kind of thing – “Somewhere over the rainbow”.

And on a livelier note! (Pat on piano again)

Zoom Meetings and Virtual Choir

1. For those who have not yet signed up to Zoom – it is never too late.  It is easy and it won’t cost you anything.  Here is how to do it:

You need either a computer with a microphone – internal will do, a tablet (eg ipad), or smartphone.

You’ll need the Zoom Cloud meetings software on that device.
For an android smartphone this is easily found on Google Play Store for Android, download it, it’s free.
On a computer or ipad go to the website:
Click on “Sign Up, It’s Free” and create an account with your email address.  At some point during the sign-up procedure it’ll download the Zoom software.  You’ll need to install this (look in your downloads folder if it’s not obvious during this procedure).
You may need to give it permission to access your microphone, or sound card, please accept this.
Ideally you should be in a quiet room, and probably helpful if you wear headphones, or ear buds to listen on (don’t worry if you don’t have any).
2. Join a Monday evening Zoom meeting.
We have a BMVC Pro account for Zoom, the details for the meetings being:
BMVC Zoom Meeting:
Link TBC
Chat from 6.45pm
First Tenors start at 7.00 pm. until 7.20pm.
Second Tenors start at 7.20 pm. until 7.40 pm.
Baritones start at 7.40pm. until 8.00pm
Basses start at 8.00pm. until 8.20pm.

Then everyone 8.20 until 9.00 pm

You should be able to leave the meeting when your section is finished, and rejoin for the everyone section (unless you are a bass).