Contact Cascade

If an occasion arises where there is a need to communicate at very short notice with all members of the choir, and others – any last minute cancellations, for example, much as we hope they won’t occur – please call people as follows.  If the person below you does not respond, proceed to the next on your list and later do all you can to try to contact the missing link.

Secretary Terry Lynn / Chairman Nick Hart contact each other, then:

They contact section representatives:

Dave Williamson – 01482 871708

2nd Tenor ?

Ken Doran 01482 862847

Dave Rutter 01482 352067


Liz Wilson 01430 424213

Amy Butler 07743 448123

Then, if appropriate, President and VP, the venue (unless problems with the venue are the reason for the eventuality).

Section reps call their section members (Tel. Numbers on Members’ Directory page).

Patrons’ Coordinator contacts any patrons who he thinks might need to know.

PRO takes action to ensure notices are placed outside the venue to ensure that people arriving are aware of the eventuality, the reason for it, and apologies.

Chairman might wish to request Radio Humberside and Beverley FM to make an announcement.