Weekly News

Only 2 rehearsals before the Kidderminster Concert, and only 4 rehearsals before the Hornsea Concert.

President’s Luncheon

Just a reminder that the President’s Luncheon has to be postponed from August 6th.

Kidderminster Male Choir concert details are now live in the Forthcoming Events page


Please look at the forthcoming events and ring-fence them in your diary so we don’t have to cancel any further performances.

Click here to go to details of all our future events.

Our next rehearsal will be on Monday 8th August, with the 2nd Tenors starting at 7pm.

If it’s not your section rehearsing, please be quiet.

As before the individual section rehearsals will be:

1st Monday of the month: 1st Tenors, 2nd Monday: 2nd Tenors, 3rd Monday: Baritones,

4th Monday: Bass, 5th Monday: we’ll start together for the main rehearsal.


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Rehearsal tracks can be found in these dropbox folders.  Click section, then song, then “play” arrow.
You can also download the tracks to your own computer, tablet or phone.

1st tenor:

1st Tenor Rehearsal Folder

2nd tenor:

2nd Tenor Rehearsal Folder

Baritone Rehearsal Folder

Bass Rehearsal Folder

All together:

All 4 parts Rehearsal Folder